Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh, Exercise, my exercise

I am on a diet. Not a bingeing, crazy diet. Just a counting calories, making healthier choices and exercising like crazy kind of diet. Although I prefer the term 'lifestyle change' to diet. I am not dieting, losing weight, trying to get uber-skinny, and then gaining it back again. I am trying to give myself a little food perspective and get healthy. It's not even about numbers, although I have a couple in mind. :)

After the first week I lost 11 pounds (I know *that won't last) and an inch all over. Trust. Me. I was *not trying to lose 11 pounds in a week! I am still getting in the swing of my calorie counting and exercising thing. I didn't even eat that well last week, so imagine how good I'd be feeling if I had! I am super excited about it, but sore pretty much all over. Which is an excellent feeling, really. I'm looking forward to more energy, better sleep, and a healthier me. :)

Love in Him,

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