Sunday, April 24, 2011


We've had a fantastic Easter! Church was amazing this morning! We went to the 9am service so that we could be back in time to get dinner ready. Our guests got here around 2 and we ate at a little after 3, so we were still strapped a little tight for time! We did dinner, had an easter egg hunt, decorated sugar cookies and went for a 2.5 mile walk as a family just now. I am exhausted! I dragged my butt out of bed at 6 to exercise because I knew that I would be eating less healthy than I should. :) Worked out well!

Now I just need to unload a lot of cake and sugar cookies on someone else so that they are out of my house!

Sugar cookie decorations. :) I'll try to get a picture of the finished product for next time! 

It was a fantastic Easter! I think that we are all exhausted (except Eeq who slept in the stroller while the rest of us walked) and ready for bed. Praise the Lord for such a glorious day as this, and the reason for it!  Remember, Jesus said " I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."! I hope you have a week filled with life, and in abundance! 

Love in Him!


  1. Love the pictures, and *love the cake! Glad you had a great Easter.

  2. Somehow I left my brothers house with a large Rubbermaid tote FULL of candy for my 3 kids! This is ridiculous so I totally understand you wanting to ship some out - but don't look at me! :)