Monday, July 23, 2012

I Might Try This Again

I would like to blog again, so maybe I will. I just got too busy to do it, so I didn't. :) I really like doing it, though, so I think I will just do it when I can. 

I have no idea what to update on, so I'm going to add a few photos and call it good for today. I'll apologize in advance, because all of my photos are cell phone pics. We had a computer dropping issue, lost our hard drive, replaced it, and somehow ended up getting a computer back without iPhoto on it... so... I can't do photo uploading until my hubs gets around to fixing it. :) Until then? Cell phone pics!

What I've been doing the last couple of weeks. :) It's fruit season, with veggies just starting- definitely well into canning mode! 

Last night we finally got *just enough tomatoes for me to make a batch of roasted pizza sauce. These smell so amazing while they are cooking- I just want to take a fork and eat them! I ended up with 3 pint jars, so no bad for the first batch. My tomatoes are growing like crazy, so I'll be doing a lot of this!

Cutest. Fabric. Ever. I am not sure what I want to do with it, but it's adorable!

I just got this beauty! I had an old Singer from the 60s that just wasn't working. It was loud, and ran like a beast, but it didn't stay clean/working very long after I paid to get it going. I finally decided to get a new one. After a little trial and error I ended up ordering this one from Amazon, and it's amazing! See that little up arrow button near the needle? That is the start/stop button- I didn't know this existed! You can unplug your foot, hit start, let it sew, then hit stop when you are done- voila! Footless sewing! Technology amazes me. :)

That's about it. Kind of lame, but you have to start somewhere, and no way can I sum up the last 10 months in a blog post.

Love in Him-

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Husband...

...spoiled me...

surprised me...

...gifted me...

with the best possible things! A new Viking hand mixer (I mix everything by hand now!) and a belgian waffle maker! It's like Christmas... in September. I love them, and I love him. It's wonderful!

Love in Him,

Saturday, August 27, 2011


 I don't want to bore you (or myself when I read back over this), so I do have some photos, but I am going to be having a lot of text, I think.

It's been an... illuminating summer, I guess. I've stayed away from blogging itself because I just have had a lot to pray about and work on. A *lot. Obviously, as a simple human and not Christ himself, that will be a lifelong endeavor. I'm fine with that, though. :) 

I can't believe it's almost time for school! I've tried to be really intentional about enjoying our summer, though, and I really have. :) We've not gone a lot of places, but we've had such a full summer. The last month has gone by in a blur of childcare, canning, and gardening, but in a good way. We seem to have plenty of time for everything we want to do, and no time for cleaning. ha! That hasn't even stressed me out, though. I get so caught up in the little irritations that I lose that time to relax when I am doing other things with the family. So I've been very intentionally praying about it, letting it go, and moving on. It's caused such deeper relaxation, this realization that it doesn't matter. Not just *knowing it doesn't matter, because, hello, I know that in my head, but actually *understanding it. Obviously it doesn't happen all the time, it's a process, but we've just had a great summer around here. :)

I've been piling stuff up, getting ready for School for Little Missy. We're going to have so much fun! 

I love the way school supplies look all fresh and clean. Oh, wait... scratch the 'clean' part. :)

My sweet Little Missy.

Sweet Eeq. Love them both so much! 

 What I've been canning! It's been a lot of slicing, dicing and chunking!

Pretty much the one crafty thing I did all summer. ha! I saw one of these chunky bracelets somewhere so I bought a couple of charms and a bracelet, then just put on a bunch of random stuff that I had in my craft supplies. The feather looking teal beads came off of a pair of earrings that my grandma sent me. They weren't my style to wear, but I love how they look!

I have peaches, tomatoes, and green peppers to process today, so I am off to get working!

Love in Him,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A friend showed me this link. You're welcome.

Love in Him,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Got An App For That

who knew they had an app for blogger? I just found out! Awesome!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Well now...

  I can't seem to keep up here. :) It's summer so we're busy. Also, we just had a fun round of ear infections and strep throat the last 2 weeks. Just for giggles. 

  I've been working in the garden, working in the house, picking fruit, processing fruit and all-out enjoying this beautiful weather! The girls and I have been doing a lot of playing outside, lately. We are absolutely having the best weather this summer! It's been warm, but not too hot most days and just nice out. I bought a slip n slide, which they like sitting on and getting wet. :) I got it for some friend's kids who were coming over for a couple of days, but my kids like to walk on it and sit on their butts and get water on themselves. Cheap entertainment. 

We have two kittens right at the moment. Jack and Spike. Spike will be going to my mom's house, but Jack is sweet and a keeper! He loves the kids and is really just a lovey sweet baby. I will post some photos soon of stuff, since it's way more interesting than my rambling!

We are going to be in a yard sale tomorrow so I am working, working, working on packing stuff up for that. More later, I think. ha

 Love in Him,

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Much to the detriment of... well.. anyone who has a cell phone that accepts photos, and, well...  all of my facebook friends... someone gave me a smart phone with a camera on it. I am sure all smart phones have cameras, but, um.. well.. it needs to be said. I can.not. stop. taking. pictures. And possibly sending them to everyone I know, and facebook. Maybe. Just a little. 

Here are 5 of the photos I took... yesterday. Yep. Yesterday. 

 I am 

fairly certain

that my friends and family

will start calling for an intervention

very soon. 

Love in Him,