Saturday, August 27, 2011


 I don't want to bore you (or myself when I read back over this), so I do have some photos, but I am going to be having a lot of text, I think.

It's been an... illuminating summer, I guess. I've stayed away from blogging itself because I just have had a lot to pray about and work on. A *lot. Obviously, as a simple human and not Christ himself, that will be a lifelong endeavor. I'm fine with that, though. :) 

I can't believe it's almost time for school! I've tried to be really intentional about enjoying our summer, though, and I really have. :) We've not gone a lot of places, but we've had such a full summer. The last month has gone by in a blur of childcare, canning, and gardening, but in a good way. We seem to have plenty of time for everything we want to do, and no time for cleaning. ha! That hasn't even stressed me out, though. I get so caught up in the little irritations that I lose that time to relax when I am doing other things with the family. So I've been very intentionally praying about it, letting it go, and moving on. It's caused such deeper relaxation, this realization that it doesn't matter. Not just *knowing it doesn't matter, because, hello, I know that in my head, but actually *understanding it. Obviously it doesn't happen all the time, it's a process, but we've just had a great summer around here. :)

I've been piling stuff up, getting ready for School for Little Missy. We're going to have so much fun! 

I love the way school supplies look all fresh and clean. Oh, wait... scratch the 'clean' part. :)

My sweet Little Missy.

Sweet Eeq. Love them both so much! 

 What I've been canning! It's been a lot of slicing, dicing and chunking!

Pretty much the one crafty thing I did all summer. ha! I saw one of these chunky bracelets somewhere so I bought a couple of charms and a bracelet, then just put on a bunch of random stuff that I had in my craft supplies. The feather looking teal beads came off of a pair of earrings that my grandma sent me. They weren't my style to wear, but I love how they look!

I have peaches, tomatoes, and green peppers to process today, so I am off to get working!

Love in Him,