Thursday, March 24, 2011


It is cold, frosty, and snowy on the ground here today. We had a nice string of days that were springy, though! It was really nice! Onya kitty really enjoyed the window sitting with the sun shining in.

We take the girls for walks around town when the weather allows, then we come play in the backyard with them. Eeq had her first experience with grass on the first warm day. She was really enjoying herself.

Look at that face! :D She is my sweet sweet love. (Well, both of them are, but this photo only has one of them in it)

These are 2 of my new antique store purchases. I also got a crock yesterday for $8 so that I can make Crock Pickles this summer. I am collecting an odd assortment of jars to keep food in, since I tend to buy in bulk, and I love pretty glass jars all around my kitchen.

Little Missy is seriously enjoying the springish weather! She loves going out and playing ball, chasing dogs, and just running around!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We've had a fun few days lately. :) I have been busy organizing my house. Trying to clean up the clutter, get rid of what we don't need, and make space for what we do. We are notoriously short on closet space around here, so it takes creative organization, which I have just started really working on! :)

We took time out to make Fama (my grandma) a cake for her birthday. We made her a Sour Cream Chocolate Cake with PW's Best Frosting I've Ever Had and drizzled with caramel sauce from Starbucks. Fame lives in FL, and we don't, so she didn't actually *eat any of it. :) We got on Skype, though, and sang happy birthday and she watched Little Missy blow out the candles and eat a piece. :)

I was reading in a magazine and saw a recipe for this. I dismissed it, thinking it'd be too hard. Then I saw another recipe and read it further. So. Easy. I tried my hand at it, and Voila! Butter. :) It's really creamy and yum. I even had these old butter crocks laying around! (I did not realize that they were butter crocks until I made the butter and thought about it, so good educational moment!)

Today my mom and I went to an antique shop and i got this gem. I have been wanting to switch over to stoneware, glass, and ceramic bakeware, because my cheapy metal pan selection is depleting. We were wandering and this caught my eye in a booth that was 50% off. It is California Pottery. I checked the tag, and half off it was just a titch over $3! I did a search online when I got home, because i wanted to make sure that it is oven safe and whatnot, and I found one listed on etsy for $40! You have *no idea how incredibly giddy this find makes me. I love stuff like this, and I love it even more for cheap. :)

That's about all I've got. I am exhausted and for some reason I am not sleeping. So goodnight!

Well, hello there!

I have been so busy since Eeq was born, that I just kind of gave up on blogging. Then my laptop broke, and I am stuck using my husband's laptop- which adds a level of lazy to the mix. :)

I'm here, though, and all is well. I am going to try to keep this thing updated at least once a week, and we'll go from there. We are planning a huge garden this year, and with canning, kids, cleaning and organizing that'll be a trial!

See you around!