Thursday, March 24, 2011


It is cold, frosty, and snowy on the ground here today. We had a nice string of days that were springy, though! It was really nice! Onya kitty really enjoyed the window sitting with the sun shining in.

We take the girls for walks around town when the weather allows, then we come play in the backyard with them. Eeq had her first experience with grass on the first warm day. She was really enjoying herself.

Look at that face! :D She is my sweet sweet love. (Well, both of them are, but this photo only has one of them in it)

These are 2 of my new antique store purchases. I also got a crock yesterday for $8 so that I can make Crock Pickles this summer. I am collecting an odd assortment of jars to keep food in, since I tend to buy in bulk, and I love pretty glass jars all around my kitchen.

Little Missy is seriously enjoying the springish weather! She loves going out and playing ball, chasing dogs, and just running around!

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