Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The 6th of April, 2011

I am telling you, I can just feel spring coming. My hyacinths and tulips are jumping the gun a little, since it is still fairly cold outside, but I think they are just as hopeful as I am that spring is going to be here, umm.. like... tomorrow. They are trying so hard to get our of the ground, but I stunted them a little. I let that whole garden overgrow with weeds last year (remember? I had a newborn Eeq to take care of), so when they tried to grow they had to work through the weeds. They did a good job of it, though. I noticed yesterday, though and went and dug around them. 

Just a string of miscellaneous photos to run through today.:)

This is on top of my shelf in the kitchen that my hubby made for me. :) I made Strawberry Vinegar the other day, which is now safely ensconced in a dark corner of my cupboard. Otherwise I have been collecting jars and filling them with my bulk foods for easier access.

This is our favorite mexican restaurant. They have the best, home made, everything! We had their guacamole last time we were there, and it was fantastic!

The sun looked so gorgeous shining through this grass. :) It was a beautiful day, if just a little chilly.

The boat slips are all empty! It's crazy! In summer it is so full, that this looks so odd to me.

The pier. ;)

Daddy playing with his Eeq girl. :)

I tried my hand at granola, and it came out perfect! It made 2 cookie sheets full, but it's gone now. :) Guess it went over well.

I know that I am evil for this, but I was laughing hysterically! Eeq dropped this, accidentally, and it caught her shirt. Then she kept flipping her butt around on the floor and reaching. Then she'd pop her butt around to a new spot and reach. Then she'd pop her butt around to another new spot and reach, again. Cracked me up! Of course I felt bad about it later. What kind of mother do you think I am?

My sweet Eeq in Shipshewana when we were there the other day. 

We ran to the bathroom, all of us except for Pop Pop and Little Missy. We came back and we were looking for them, when I hear "HI MOMMMMEEEEEE!" from the carousel. Look at those 2 grinning faces. 

Lolly's in Shipshewana. I can't seem to get on top of any project I have and get it done, but this store always makes me wish I had more time and was getting more done.

Little Missy's new, super-cute, summer hat. We are all going to need summer hats for all of the gardening we are planning!

Playing outside last night. It was a little chilly, but warm enough to play on the play house.

We love spring around here! Play time! 


We ordered our seeds for our garden! I think we are a little late for the inside starting, but we are going to get going on it anyway, and we will still be earlier than last year. I will try to do another post and show you what we got for peppers and tomatoes. I just can't wait for spring to officially spring, so that we can get outside and get to work! I have been desperate enough to do some raking in the cold, but not much beyond that!

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