Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beads and Bunnies

We recently painted our Eeq's bedroom (it used to be brown-OCK!) I put this saying up (Hobby Lobby, $10 during a 50% off sale!), but it needed *something. I couldn't figure out what, then one day I was looking at my beads and this came to mind. For once I actually made what came to mind. :) It took 3 tries before I figured out something that I liked, but I am super happy with the end product! Some of the danglies are from old jewelry (on the far left bottom is part of an old broken charm bracelet I got at a yard sale)

I have been in the mood to create, and I *really wanted to try my hand at a bunny for one of my girls' easter baskets. I went to flickr to look at rabbit photos, drew a pattern on newspaper and hand sewed this. I *definitely need some work, but I am very pleased for my first try! Also? It's not making it to a basket because Little Missy saw it and snatched it right out of my hands as I finished it and now carries it around adoringly saying "My bunny! Thank you, Mommy! I love my bunny!"

Just a super easy, fun, toddler project. Drew an egg shape on some construction paper, cut it out, gave her paints and brushes and stamps. She *loves it, and it makes cute decorations that she can be proud of!

I have a lot more going on that I want to blog about, but I have been busy cleaning, exercising (yes, ME!), bible-studying, and playing! 

 Love in Him,

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