Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Him Pt.2

At our church we've been talking about what God wants for us, and the fact that he sees us as his children, equal to Jesus. Whoa. How is that even possible? Well, that comes in the next verse that I highlighted, also. As His children God wants to see us happy, see us prospering (Jeremiah 29:11). The way I feel about my children, the love, the joy, the hope I feel in them and for them is magnified so much more from God, which is a hard hard concept to grasp. I can't even imagine myself being equal to Jesus. Could God possibly love so much and care so much for me? He gave up his Son for me, and he also loves me, and with that, I(we- I am just putting "I" to grasp the concept more!) get the promise of 'of course, hello!, are you paying attention, Taiya?! how will he not also graciously give you all things?!' (I might have paraphrased a little. Jesus said, "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." (John 10:10)"abundantly". What a term! It amazes me that God wants to graciously give me all things, and he wants to do so abundantly. Above the norm. More than. And graciously. He doesn't want to hassle with me over it. He doesn't want to punish me with his good things, "Do this, or you won't get that." He literally just wants to give me good things, for loving in him, believing in him. I know that it isn't all going to be easy. There will be no instant fix to the sins of the world and what that brings: trials and tribulation, but the fact is that while I will have trials, God has also given to me, graciously and abundantly, the tools to deal with them. Although what he gives is so much more than just the ability to deal with trials and tribulation. It is a fascinating verse and one I am definitely standing on this week, and for weeks to come! 

I have gone to church my whole life off and on, and believed my whole life (although I am not perfect and I have strayed, often and far), so this all seems new to me. I've never embraced God's word this way, and really studied it in a way that applies it to me. It always seems so impersonal "well, that doesn't apply to me", but it does! I am loving how it is opening up to me!

Love in Him,

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