Thursday, April 14, 2011

Proof that I am slightly creative, occasionally.

I don't really think I'm creative. That's not a begging-for-affirmation that I'm awesomely creative type of comment, really. I'm not the type to fish. Anyway, I don't always feel creative. I go such long times without doing anything creative on my *own, without copying someone else. Sometimes, though, I surprise myself with extremely little amounts of authentic-ish creativity! 

This picture, however, proves that I can be slightly, somewhat creative, occasionally. :D

Here it is: my house. My mom gave this to me for Christmas, I think. I love it, although I might need to do a lighter paint color on the outside, as it suits more. So.. I made a hanging egg decoration.... out of Starburst Jelly Beans! :) I also made a garland, out of a garland! :D See what I mean about "ish"? I took the garland, cut off all of the flowers, shortened it, reapplied the flowers and made it into a flowery vine for the house. Then I just used wire, needle-nose pliers and jelly beans for the "eggs'. :) I think it's cute.

So Gnomeo is home (What? My creativity only extends *so far, and apparently not to producing a unique name) with his cow, and the caterpillar that ate Manhattan. Little Missy made that at playgroup this week. The green construction paper thing with Jetson eyes. I love it. 

Moving on from me and my almost skills:

This is my sweet Eeq helper. :) She makes laundry fun!

We gave her the middle name Joy, but we had no idea how amazingly joyful that she would truly be.

She always wants to look out windows, pound on windows, and screech at people as they walk by.

This is the spring tablecloth I picked up at Kohl's today. I got the elusive 30% coupon, so I figured it would be a good time to get a new pair of walking shoes!

That's about it for now. I am working on a couple of other projects, borrowed from others, so I'll post about those soon. Otherwise it was pretty chilly today and I was feeling a tad sick all day, so not much to share!

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