Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friday afternoon we took a somewhat impromptu trip a town north of here: Holland. We don't usually go there, but we love it! Tons of beautiful shops, beautifully clean city, and all around wonderful. :) 

We decided to go there because we had run out of Balsamic Vinegar which we buy from Fustini's. So good! We ended up with Tuscan Herb Olive Oil this trip, too, and a second jar of balsamic to ship to my older bro. ;)

On our way up we spotted *numerous yard sales, but didn't stop (Which *was making me cry inside!), until we saw a sale that my husband thought had a double stroller. We have been looking for one and they happened to have a sit n stand, barely used! Perfect! The girls absolutely love it. Eeq can see everything from the front, and Little Missy loves hopping on and off the back. :) The zoo is going to be awesome this year!

Spring is here! It's a little chilly (and I have *no idea why it won't put my photos the right way), but it's sunshine-y and beautiful!

The tulips are out in various stages of growth. Some were still closed and green, some partially open, some a little more open, and some at the end. :)

This is our favorite kid's store! They have fantastic stuff, not expensive at all. 

This is mommy's dream store. Mixers in *all colors! I mean all. Don't believe me? Just look at the next photo. I heard angels singing when I spotted this section!

 Tea pots!

These are a brand called Viking and they are professional mixers. Mama wants! Only $550. :)

Sprinkles, decorating, yum!

We call her strawberry and I loved this little hair clip. She? Did not find it that fantastic. Which I also found incredibly adorable!

Chicken Pesto Pizza with some barley hops something or other on the crust that was great! Made it a little crunchy in a different way, and definitely added a good flavor.


We had a great afternoon! It was a very relaxing family time, and it's a plus that the kids were completely wore out afterwards!

Love in Him,

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