Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yesterday's Fun and Crafts

I made a case for my Kindle at some point over the last week. I didn't want it damaged, and I didn't want to spend $30 on a drab case. :) So I made this one. I am very pleased with the way it turned out! Behind it is the flower that my hubby brought home and surprised me with on Tuesday! So sweet and happy!

Yesterday my mom and I took the girls to South Haven. :) We had lots of fun! We stopped at my mom's house to pick her up, and she had this beautiful tree in her yard! Every year it is pretty, but this year it went all out!

My jumperoo girl!

This has to be one of the ugliest houses I have ever seen. It's right on the harbor just a few steps off of the beach. If you have that kind of money, why make it ugly?!

 I *love those cheeks!

This is one of those $20 cheapy Disney tables that comes with 2 folding chairs. We've had it since Christmas 2009, and Little Missy finally ripped a hole in the plastic cover. So I ripped off the cover...

...and replaced it with a piece of pretty batik fabric! This is a pretty crappy picture, but it is overcast and my kitchen has no light to see by. 

It's asparagus season! I pickled some this morning. Can't wait to try it! It looks so pretty in jars that I just want to decorate with it, though.

Granola. No sooner do I make it then it is gone! I made it with peach puree instead of apple this time and I liked it much better.

Off to get lunch for the fam!

Love in Him,

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