Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Man, I've Been Busy!

Thought I'd use straight up honesty in my title today. I could also use, 'I am about to pass out-exhausted'. :D My hubs had vacation last week and we went nonstop. I wish I had photos, but I don't even know where my camera is, to tell you the truth. Also? I don't think I actually took that many photos. I spent my time *enjoying the moments (every. single. one.) and didn't take many photos at all. I went to a women's conference Thursday night until Friday  at midnight, basically. Then Saturday we woke up, packed and went camping with a friend of ours up north. Then we went to church with them, ate lunch, and drove about 40 minutes to visit *another friend. By the time we got home it was bedtime. Then we went to parades, ate, mowed the lawn (hubby did that, I napped) went grocery shopping for the week, went to *our church, finished our shopping and went home... to sleep. Again. And now he is back at work, and we are all ready to nap for a few weeks! 

We really did have a great week. If I could remember what we did at the beginning of the week I'd happily talk about it, but, well, that eludes me. Ooh- actually- we mowed, planted, mowed, played outside, planted,  visited with friends, mowed some more, and a lot of other stuff. :) 

I did get a few minutes to make a Nook cover for a friend of mine. I didn't get a good photo because I used Photo Booth on my computer with the iSite, but you know.. it's a photo. Ignore the trashed and torn house!  That is my to-do list this week. Eeq's first birthday party is Sunday and we want the house cleaned! This started as a pillow, but I wasn't really feeling it so I just kept it and it was big enough to make 2 of these covers, so I am going to get working on the next one and give it to a different friend with a nook.

Also? I am on a carpenter ant killing crusade. When it gets rainy and wet here we get invaded. We don't have them all of the time, so we aren't infested. They just come when it is wet and drive me *BATTY* then it gets dry and they are gone. This is a loooonnngggg wet season, though, so it's driving me extra batty this year. :) It will help when I get my house cleaned from this vacation. I can't believe on one weeks worth of being here, but not inside doing my normal cleaning, does to my house! It got so cluttered, messy, and dirty in 10 short days! 

At the women's conference I went to we had Lisa Bevere as a guest speaker. Man, is she awesome! Our pastor is Pastor Beth Jones, and I already loved her, but I am adding Lisa Bevere in there. The whole conference was amazing, and so full of God's presence! Pastor Beth has a way of speaking that makes it so easy to see what she means. She just lays it out, talks it out and a lightbulb goes off. I bought Lisa's new book: Lioness Arriving and the workbook to go with it. I *love it. I'm only a few chapters into the book, but I really recommend it. 

Well, I am off to do some of that cleaning, cooking, and getting some kids down for naptime!

Love in Him,

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