Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am so happy it is spring! Lilacs are blooming, the grass is growing (known by the fact that my hubby has already mowed several times this year- he even mowed the neighbor's lawn the other day because their mower is broken and the neighbor is injured) and everything is bright and sunshine-y. We get so busy in the spring because we just want to be outside! One of my favorite things to do is to dig in the garden with DD. Planting flowers, moving rocks, pulling weeds. We have spent the majority of our time outside in the last week, and it is fantastic!

Yesterday i spent the majority of my day catching up with a friend I have had since elementary school, I think. If not then shortly thereafter. It was *so nice to see her! We haven't seen each other since my wedding, which has been a long time. We spent 12 hours chatting while our kids played and napped. :)

Such a great day!

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