Saturday, May 15, 2010


Little Missy likes to look at herself in the back of the camera, so she had me snap some shots.

She's such a love!

This is the back of the house, my daylillies that I didn't get weeded.

This is some landscaping that my hubs is doing around the back of the house. Grass doesn't grow here because of the big pine tree, maple tree, and shade from the house. We are going to do shade plants and a bench and all sorts of stuff.. it's just a long running project.

One of the gardens that got weeded today, and hyacinths transplanted into them.



Dappled Willow Tree. Weeded and re-mulched. It needed it.

Oops... didn't see Little Missy in there. :) Weeded all in the corner, laid more soil.

This is my Max of the Wild Things book fame. :) Got it at a craft fair a few years ago. Any idea what these white flowers are? I can't remember what they are called.

My beautiful Mother's Day hanging baskets. Let's just ignore the Christmas lights, shall we? We have to paint all of this outside trim this year so they will be coming down eventually.

Daylillies, more wedding. :) The back row are short yellow ones, the front row are short maroon ones, I think. Either that or orange. Transplanted them from Mom's last year, so I can't remember.


  1. I love your little one - such beautiful eyes. She's going to make such a great big sis. LOVE the paisley flower pot!

  2. It looks great! I have spent the last forever in the yard too. Isn't it fun? :)

  3. That little one is adorable and I love your house! So very cute!

  4. Beautiful baby!

    Love all the flowers. I'm a very begining garderner or something like that. I haven't killed my rose bush or my lily turf.

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  6. Little Missy is so adorable! :)

    Duckling is the same way with the camera, only she's also learned how to take self pictures now. She usually doesn't hold the camera quite far enough away from her face, so the whole picture is her face, but it's adorable! :)