Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One of my Loves

I love fabric.

I am sure it has been mentioned before, but I do. I like to make baby clothes, pillow cases, quilts, and whatever else I can find that is fun. My wonderful Mom is a quilter and has a fantastic quilt room for me to use, plus she always helps when I need help! She also does a lot of Little Missy watching for me while I sew. I have gotten largely out of doing any hobbies since I first started getting morning sickness. Well, I am really feeling an urge to get back working on stuff. This morning I have been searching the internets and looking at fabric. Be still my heart. Moda is amazing, but also my downfall. They always have a new line out that makes me want to shop. Mmmm.... Moda. I have a ton of cleaning to do today and I think I am going to daydream about what I can do with one of the new layer cakes I want, or the jelly roll that is calling my name from my fabric stash.

I love fabric.

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