Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mom's Day to all people in the Mom realm! That category encompasses a lot, so this is a general shout out!

For my Mom we went and grilled out yesterday with them at their house, then they played with DD for a while. I am going to take her on a day trip one of these days and out to lunch for Mom's day. Gonna get a babysitter for DD so it is just my Mom and I. :) It'll be lots of fun!

For Mom's day I got the 3 planters to hang on my front porch. :D I *love* them! Today we went to church, then to Qdoba and have otherwise been hanging out at home! This is exactly the day I wanted. Exactly! We were going to come home and have lunch, but the thought of Qdoba was too compelling. It was perfect. I got a nice long nap this afternoon, Hubs has been cleaning the house and the car. He got the infant car seat base in the car. Then he grilled a porterhouse steak, potatoes and fresh asparagus on the grill. Also what I wanted. He sweetly offered to make chicken (we have had a lot of red meat lately, what with the 1/4 cow we bought) for me, but I really wanted steak! He does a great job and it was awesome. I think DD ate half of my steak, though! She was going to town! "More! More! More! 'Nother one!" I am thinking about going and making some peanut butter cookies, since I love to bake and they are his hands-down favorite. He's been so great about spoiling me, taking care of me, and making sure that I have everything I need. Such a great man!

I have had a fantastic day and I hope that everyone else did, too!

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