Monday, May 3, 2010

I have considered...

...whether to further address the whole blog deletion thing, and I've decided to address it this way:

I am aware (and was before yesterday) of what is available on The Google. I love The Google. :) I have decided, in lieu of a recent and extreme interest in me, that I do not want a private blog. I did not want to reopen that same one, and I did not feel like going through and deleting all of my photos from the previous blog. I also was not going to make them just be out there again. So I deleted it. I saved a copy and am ordering a book of it, which will be pretty cool! No big hardship. It wasn't done in anger, it was done simply because I have nothing to hide, and having my blog private makes it look that way. There is and will continue to be nothing vile or salacious in any screen shots that someone wants to find. There will continue to be nothing in this blog. I am pretty much excessively boring and haven't figured out the big interest in me. :) I love my life, so I am definitely not using boring as a derogatory term to describe myself. It is perfect for me! I will continue about my merry way, and I will update this if I feel so inclined.


btw- these are photos of my project from yesterday:

This is the cabinet door, sans paint.

This is the finished chalkboard and the finished stool. My hubs made this stool out of wood in the barn! He did a great job and Little Missy loves it! She stands on it and says, "I like it! I like it!" Now that it is painted she also says "Pretty! Is it pretty?" It is for her to get in and out of her big girl bed, btw. :)


  1. Those turned out so cute! That's a great idea for the stool, too. He did a nice job. :-)

  2. Very cute! The baby sweater is in the mail; I hope you find a cute baby for it.