Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heat Wave!

I took Little Missy outside for all of 10-15 minutes today... because she wanted to go back inside. I was going to buck up and stay outside so she could play for a while, but (thankfully) she got hot and wanted to come back in! Whew! I did snap some photos of this and that, though, while I was out. I needed proof that I moved from in front of the fan on the couch, dontchaknow?

This is a previous owners only idea of landscaping. This is all of the 'flower garden' we had when me moved in besides 2 bayberry bushes in the very front of the house. It is a bunch of stuff just thrown in the yard with no apparent rhyme or reason. There was no 'bed' made, there is just lawn all around them. So odd.

I dearly love poppies, though! I haven't transplanted these yet because I am scared they will just die off!

This is our Aussie Shepherd, Helo. :) He's a good boy.

Little Missy running. This lasted all of 3 minutes until she realized that it was too hot for running.

I just love these! I am sure everyone is sick of seeing them, but they are really making me happy!

This is the neighbor's "lawn". This is what their whole yard, front and back, looks like. Ours is n the right with the telephone pole, theirs is on the left and looks like a hay field.

The End.

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  1. I love that you have stargazer lillies planted! Those are my favorite!