Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catch Up

I'm going to attempt to play catch up here. I've been really busy lately with this and that, so I really haven't time for blogging. I've barely had time for sleeping. Which seems odd, since I don't *do a lot, but somehow, I do actually do a lot. 

I'll just post some photos for now, and try to come back for a wordier (but not novel-like) post.

This is sweet Eeq in the Birthday Dress that Grandma. 

This is my 1-year-old, (Yes, ONE year old) Eeq. How did she grow so fast? How I love her! How could I not?

I made 2 cakes for Eeq's bday. One worked. One didn't. 

Birthday BBQ

 My awesome drink thingy!

A smile for Grandma. :) 

She had this "Why are you watching me eat!" look on her face the whole time she was eating her cake.

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