Monday, July 12, 2010

Ta Da!

I am alive! Who knew?

HI FT! (Just in case you check in for new photos!) We miss you, although I am sure that you are having so much fun relaxing!

It was my birthday last week... my Mom made me cake! Woohoo!

Little Missy likes to help in the kitchen. I was making blueberry jam in my apron and she had to come in and have hers put on so she could 'hepp!" :) Helping is her favorite, luckily for me!

I have been doing a lot of blueberry picking... or as Little Missy calls them... blue strooawberries! :)

My grandparents still send me money for my birthday, and this is what I bought with it. I love horses and I just loved this verse! I also bought a Better Homes and Gardens basic cookbook... all from Shipshe.. my fav place!

Did a little mini-photoshoot with Eeq this morning! Oh.. yeah... she's here! Oops. :) This is our newish-baby. 5 weeks, now! My how the time flies. :) Grandma bought her this little outfit and she looks so cute in it that I couldn't resist!

Mostly just been hanging with my girls and canning. Not too much excitement 'round these parts. :D


  1. I just having nothing to say but that I love all of your pics!

  2. How fun - and Eeq is smiling, or is it just gas, in the first one?

    That cake, well, I'm licking the computer screen.

  3. All of it is scrumptious - cake, blue berries and your babies! Love it!

  4. Great pictures! Love the last pic of Eeq! She has beautiful eyes!

  5. My email is

    The new baby is darling....

  6. Snuck in to post a quick comment, love love love the pictures!!!